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Team coaching

We help teams develop the ability to communicate well, work though issues towards alignment and have the difficult conversation that underpins great achievement.

Building great teams is not easy. Getting talented and powerful personalities to work collegiately and collaboratively takes effort and skill. Building teams in which a number of people are natural leaders can often be even more difficult. And when we add different cultures to the mix things become even more difficult.

John has been involved in coaching a number of senior management teams and boards in his career. As Managing Director of Cygnet he also has experience of building teams. Avril was also highly involved in building multi- cultural teams at the Said Business School. Our team coaching usually involves working closely with the Chairman or CEO to define the development needs of the team, where the team dynamics are and aren’t working, where decision making processes need to be improved and where communication and relationships need strengthening.

We specifically focus on building a collegiate environment in which people feel safe, respected and able to contribute without anxiety.

Our team coaching is usually done over a number of months or even a year or more, involving some initial feedback to each person and to the team, followed by some input into what makes great teams, followed by monthly team review discussions and one to one coaching of each team member. We specifically focus on building a collegiate environment in which people feel safe, respected and able to contribute without anxiety.

We also seek to help each person define his or her contribution in non functional terms, for example not seeing their contribution solely as the Head of Marketing or the CFO. This helps create balance and minimise the possibility of competitive silos in the team. We also spend time helping the team define ways of effective decision making, handling disagreement professionally, holding the difficult conversation, holding each other to account and generally ensuring that there are relationships of trust and good communication.

Team coaching

Great teams have the potential to significantly add huge value to an organisation and create something far bigger and better than anyone individual could achieve. If you would like to discuss how we can help your team be even more effective and flourish even more do e mail us to discuss how we can help you further.

"The Plover Partnership has provided invaluable support in the development of our students’ team-building behaviours and in helping a talented and diverse group from all over the world function as successful, professional and productive teams." Stephan Chambers, Head of MBA Programmes and EMBA Director, Said Business School, University of Oxford