Coaching, workshops, conferences


We seek to make our seminars life enhancing and changing, intellectually and psychologically insightful, enjoyable and practical.

Plover runs a range of Flourishing at Work and Life seminars. These are highly interactive involving pre reading material, excellent thought-through teaching, case studies and training exercises, group discussion and individual work. All our seminars can be tailored to your organisation. Our seminars can be conducted as a one off or as part of a series and can last from ninety minutes to a half day.


Seminars include:

  • An Introduction to Flourishing at Work
  • Keys to the Flourishing Life
  • An Introduction to Believable Optimism
  • Building Identity, Confidence and Self Belief
  • Building Strong Relationships at Work
  • Developing Inter-Personal Communication
  • Influencing Skills
  • Developing a Strong and Rich Emotional Life
  • Managing the Emotions of Others
  • Managing the Performance of Others
  • Handling Professional Disagreement
  • Handling the Difficult Conversation
  • Building Great Teams
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Making Presentations
  • Understanding Your Personality
  • Working with Different Personalities
  • Managing Change
  • Managing and Leading People
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Creating a Culture in Which People Flourish

Team events and conferences

We have both spoken at off-sites and conferences both in the UK and internationally as keynote speakers as well as seminar leaders.