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What we do

We help people develop vital non-technical skills, build deeper qualities into their lives and help them work through major transitions in life.

We are professional people developers who have specialised in helping people flourish for the last thirty years. We want to help people live life the full.

Despite all the frustrations, challenges, disappointments and setbacks that we all face we believe we can all continue to live and work with greater purpose and energy, stronger relationships, improved productivity and richer emotional and inner lives.

Specifically this means that we help people develop in vital non-technical areas such as: communication skills; relationship skills; leadership; management; confidence building; decision making; holding difficult conversations; managing the way we think; and managing our emotions. However we think flourishing requires more than skill. It involves developing deeper character qualities linked to our values. Skill without good character and values is not a sustainable foundation for long term flourishing.

We help change and develop perspectives, values, behaviours and attitudes.

We also seek to help people work through transitions in life and to find roles and contexts that play to their primary abilities and personality preferences. We have an excellent track record of helping people who find themselves stuck in roles, patterns of relating or working in which they are floundering not flourishing.

Psychometrics often play a part in our one to one and team work. It is hard to flourish if we do not know how we are hard-wired and psychometrics give us a better understanding of our preferences and natural abilities. Through all our work we want to see people enjoy life and work more fully.

"Avril did a fabulous job in helping me to develop my public speaking skills. The video footage of the practice sessions and Avril’s feedback on it were invaluable didactic tools." Luk Verdonck, Oxford MBA