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The Plover Partnership

Helping people and organisations flourish

Welcome to the web site of The Plover Partnership. The Plover Partnership is John and Avril Coleman; we are professional coaches and have been developing people since we first became involved in consultancy and training in 1985. Our mission is to help individuals and organisations flourish. We want to see people and organisations be successful in all areas of life, socially, financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We help change and develop perspectives, values, behaviours and attitudes.

You will see on our clients page that we have worked with some great people and organisations. Some quotes from clients are dotted around the site. Hopefully the site will also give you a flavour of the type of work we do, from individual coaching assignments through to team coaching, seminars and speaking at conferences and off-sites on issues related to flourishing. On the what we do page you will find an introduction to our approach to coaching and the areas that we focus on. If you want to find out more about flourishing take a look at the values page.

"SAGE has worked with The Plover Partnership over many years. If you need a consultancy who understands the human dimension to making business succeed, who will make realistic assessments of people and their potential, and who will support you in building a culture which helps people work effectively to create commercial results, you need look no further."Stephen Barr, Managing Director, Sage Publishing (London), President, Sage Publishing International

Why have we chosen a tree?

Trees are an immensely powerful symbol of flourishing. Trees are very varied in shape, form, colour and texture – there is a uniqueness about each one. We have always been attracted by their beauty, strength, longevity and elegance. Trees have also played a great part in creating wealth and forming civilisations and culture, whether that be in architecture, publishing, travel, discovery or as a source of sustainable food.

John and Avril Coleman